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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  June 24, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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coming to a close but not quite finished a live look at the civic center were pride celebration continues. the highlight of this weekend's festivities hollywood stars featured in this year's pride parade. a make or break wait for president obama's health care law we go through the scenarios to the supreme court expected ruling. it the largest is lgbt gathering in the nation and san francisco is the home. the sidewalks of downtown pat
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with thousands of people celebrating the pride weekend parade. anne mackovic is in the middle of the atmosphere. everyone is happy and a good feeling out here. san francisco's gay pride parade washed market street in a sea of culler representing everyone under the sun. this is fantastic i could cry sarah silverman one of the grand marshals pride is about having fun and so important this year in the 12 months two and last year's pride and this algae bt issues have evolves don't ask don't tell and dead and the same-sex marriage debate moves to the supreme court and president obama came out and support of equal marriage rights but in california it is
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not allowed that is what more and more americans understand and this is why our city is a leader i know will get to marriage equality this year's theme " global equality " we want to raise awareness the oppression of l g b t people need to stop around the world we thank san francisco for raising the consciousness until everyone can marry and no one stripped of human decency the fight will continue. the fight that people can stand up that is what is important the party will continue. it is all of out here in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5 the occupy a movement showed its
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unoccupied it was an official entry. unoccupied believes the event itself has allowed corporate influences to corrupt the movement. happening now at the civic center the celebration continues until 630 tonight awards are given out as music acts hit the stage and public speakers including mayor ed lee addressed the crowd the supreme court will announce its decision on a lawsuit challenging president obama's health care law. the court has not given a hint as to how it will roll. the provision that has received the most attention is the mandate that everyone must have insurance. if the court takes that out anymore dismemberment of the law likely to doom the
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administration's entire health care plan. health insurance needs younger healthier folks to help pay the bills that is the reason for the laws mandate that everyone must have insurance if you take away the individual mandate many people who are unhealthy and yonder won't take into the pool of insurance dollars and therefore harder to offer a competitive product the u.s. supreme court expected to rule soon on the lawsuit brought against the law, possibility and listed by the wall street journal are for purine it may allow phase an uncertain future as republicans promise to repeal it. some think that the mandate that everyone get insurance be struck down.
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this ucsf chief medical officer says to important provisions remain one is your family with young children you can put them on your health plan which is for a parent provides great security and less expensive, the second is the elimination of the use of pre-existing conditions accord could take out the mandate and leave the other provisions. the requirement that insurance accept all customers should also be taken out. the journal says that could make a mess of the law and republicans would push for total repeal. if the entire law goes it is back to the drawing board. arrangements were an employer comes to an insurance company and say we cannot afford you anymore that is the beginning of holding as accountable but i think intervention will move that forward faster.
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ucsf doctor says while the health-care law gives everyone out insurance it said it falls short of was to give everyone quality. stockton has 24 more hours before it could become the biggest american city to file for bankruptcy. declining property tax revenue and generous benefits and other expenses have stockton under a mountain of debt the city manager hopes to reach a deal with creditors to restructure a mediation law, a deadline is tomorrow night. gas prices have dropped 15ยข over the last two weeks. the average price says drop rapidly from a national high of $3.97 a gallon to $3.48 a gallon according to the lundberg
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survey. in california the price is $3.86 a gallon. the reason cited for the drop is economic depression and an abundant supply. jeopardy host alex nut tree back in the hospital recovering from a mild heart attack. he was admitted to los angeles hospital yesterday he is expected to recover fully and be back on the show next month. the show one the daytime emmy as best game show. a k-9 police dog shot by a suspected car thief had a reunion with his human partner today. still wearing a cast on his leg bodie john sacramento police officer randy van dusen of the western states endurance run. that is a 100 mi. race.
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he said knowing that bodie was waiting help him get through the race. i knew you all would be here waiting there's a little bit of pressure this is his second 100 mi. run bodie is expected to return to duty in december jfk airport turns into a simulated hospital crews get ready in case of a real emergency. history in egypt as the country alexa president for the first time, how the white house reacts to the news. how do you react of the good weather? mostly sunny skies and more on the way. we may have a warmer week ahead. we look at ocean beach nothing but blue. the entire forecast just ahead.
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egypt as a new president elect tonight. he made history when declared
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the winner in the country's first free presidential election. he succeeds hosni mubarak. dru levenson on the celebrations in cairo. egyptians cheered in tears square as word came down mohammad morrissey their next president. the muslim brotherhood candidate their first democratically elected leader. he address the country. he promised to be a president to all egyptians and thank them for their confidence in him. he defeated another candidate in a runoff. mubarak's 30 rain ended last year when he was thrown from office during a pro-democracy uprising. this man caught more seas victory the first that and egypt is moving forward.
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other supporters were upset clamming the victory of less than 3% proves that egypt is not united behind muslim brotherhood rule. the white house called on the president elect to advance national unity. morrissey promises his cabinet will be diverse he also said national unity the way to lead his people out of difficult times. he begins his presidency with his powers reduced his supporters vow they will remain in the square until military restores the president authority. quite a scene at jfk airport crews trend for a worst-case scenario terrorist attack. the simulation of the crash scene used 300 actor actors medical workers trend in full gear the operation was run by the new york new jersey port
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authority. och organizers of the reno national championship air races pursue plans to build a memorial of last year's deadly crash. association officials hope the a memorial can be installed by the september event. they are talking with victims' families as to what would be considered a appropriate memorial. wildfires have moved in on california's popular southern summer tourist destinations. a fire near colorado springs have torched three square miles. 11,000 people have been ordered to evacuate. temperatures in the '90s have been feeding eight fires across the state. the biggest is west of fort collins more than 118 square miles have been scorched. 191 homes destroyed.
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we have unusually cool weather, right now the readings are from the mid-60s to 71 degrees at livermore. winds from the west. changes are coming. forecast after a break.
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that is not clear where a tropical storm debby is sad, forecasters say it could grow into a hurricane. trouble storm warnings have been posted for florida and alabama
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and louisiana. it has dumped heavy rain on parts of florida and spark isolated tornadoes. in the bay area we are getting and accepting the fact it is a cool summer. it will change modestly and one step at a time, it is a step in the right direction we look at a few things, we continue 5- 10 degrees below average. we look at from a highest point of solano county mount vaca, which had great physical abilities. on a clear day you can see forever you down there can. colder than average in the bay area. temperatures and 80s in and by wednesday. we will start a warming trend. monday will get another degree or two up by wednesday will
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crank up the thermometer. mostly back to normal tonight readings in the mid 50s along the coast, los 60s are on the bay mid-60's in london, it comes from this low pressure it is dissipating, high pressure behind it builds and and overtakes said, the low clouds might deepen, with at mostly clear skies at the start of the day today and more low clouds, sunny and warmer for the bay area tomorrow just a degree or two, by wednesday will look at temperatures and '80s for east bay. a few clouds along the shoreline tomorrow morning, based in and sunshine tablature is in the mid 50s, for future cast, we begin
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now time lapse goes on, look clouds will cover point raised and sunrise tomorrow, we're looking at mostly sunny skies. sunshine tomorrow for the bay and inland temperatures recovered to the mid-seventies inland and low seventies along the bay. the airport will be sunny los angeles sunshine and denver and new york thunderstorms. and low seventies for the south bay tomorrow. in the east bay mid-70s, 74 in pittsburgh, north bay and low seventies. the extended an outlet we get into the 80s by wednesday. by next weekend will cool off again. we return to near normal highs mid-week.
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dennis o'donnell is in sonoma. 93,000 cannot to sonoma to see a wild finish the a's and giants a wild finish and both coming up.
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welcome back.
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sonoma is nascar's wild west. seven different drivers have won here, they're only too road courses on the circuit drivers are out of their element. the specialist at the pole. the grand marshal tony larussa at the save mart 350 under way. last 73 the law one day continues quarter and runs out of fuel. he rallied to finish in sixth place. first caution comes on lap 82 damage recent hits the barrier a one car accident. a clean race overall parent current bush cuts the turn tide hit the tire barrier and damages his car but keeps going.
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tyla bush bumps paul mannar from behind. a restart and a dramatic greenlight checkered finish. dale earnhardt jr. involved in a multi car crash at the top of the hill. heels of tony stores he gets his first road course when. it is smores first went for michael water drip racing. an emotional day for curtilage the was suspended earlier this year. i just choked up and made one mistake on turn to and are turned 11 those tires of never been bolted down and i clipped a set of tires i could not compete for the win after that.
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a mistake, if we pull and in then we have teamed tiger blood with charlie sheen. to compete against these guys weekend and week out and commit to these road courses a dream come true. from one great finish to another the giants and a's will not meet again this season. all three games were decided at the final at bat. top of the first buster posey welcomes them to the big leagues. a two run homer. matt cain trying to be the first giant to win nine games and a row. the bullpen took over in a eighth to protect the lead.
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he got josh reddick fouls to grant in grand into the double play. the ace threaten in the ninth. a lot of for derek norris. derek norris when said with his first career home run the a's beat the giants 4-2 to avoid a sweep. soccer 2012 england takes on italy. he reaches out with his left arm it's a huge save for italy. italy is up 3-2.
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it early advances to the semifinals and will meet germany. travelers championship at hartford, he has a two-stroke lead with two holes to go double bogeys 17. and bogeyed 18. game day tonight on location from the racetrack and take you inside a car and tell you what it's like to run around the track. was also inside the pits with jimmy johnson. verne: with a complete wrapup but the a's and giants. out what to write one of those days in one of those cars. will set up next year. will see you at 630 will have a payout of millions of
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people for bernie made off did not.
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